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Both Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon arrived in Mendoza, Argentina, in the mid-19th century. Both were exceptionally adapted, but it was that Malbec from old selections that spread the most undoubtedly. It was planted on trellises facing north-south and with a high planting density of 5,555 plants per hectare. Careful work on the foliage as well as controlled irrigation during the cycle, give us an excellent sunlight exposure, a reduced number of clusters, and medium-sized berries. This ensures excellent concentration, intensity, and quality in all grapes.


The time of harvest is determined after many grape tasting in the plots. The aim is to seek the right maturity to assure both the quality and intensity of grapes and tannins. The objective is to achieve a wine of intense maturity and exceptional fruit quality but with well-balanced acidity to ensure prolonged storage.

Finca Mendel

Mayor Drummond - Luján de Cuyo

It is placed in Mayor Drummond, Lujan de Cuyo at 950 masl. It has a loamy sand soil and calcareous of alluvial origin, with good drainage. The climate es cold in winter and temperate in summer, with a thermal amplitude of 15°C between day and night, which allows to get a full ripeness. The averageannual rainfall is 200 mm. Four plots are irrigated by a drip irrigation system and the rest of the vineyard by surface irrigation. There are 11 has. of an old masal selection of Mabec planted in 1928, 2 has. of Petit Verdot ( both varieties trained in a Vertical Shoot Position Trellis system), and there is a small pergola of Temparnillo.

Finca de los Andes

Perdriel - Luján de Cuyo

It is located in Perdriel, Luján de Cuyo, at 1.050 masl. It has a loam-silty-clay soil with the presence of stones that favor drainage. It has an alluvial origin.

The climate is cold in winter with occasional snowfalls, and temperate in summer but with cold nights. The average anual rainfall is 230 mm. The vineyard has four hectares of Malbec, and two hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon trained in a Vertical Shoot Position Trellis system.

Finca Remota

Paraje Altamira - Valle de Uco

It is located in Altamira, Uco Valley at 1.040 masl. It has a sandy-loam and stony soil, very loose of alluvial origin. The climate is cold in Winter with occational snowfalls, and temperate in summer with cold nights. There is a great daily thermal amplitud. The average anual rainfall is 170 mm. The vineyard is divided into two parts, the smallest and oldest part, where our “Mendel Semillon” and “Malbec Finca Remota” are grown, was planted in 1947. It has a Surface irrigation system and it is trained in a Vertical Shoot Position System Trellis with yields lower tan 40 qq per hectare. The rest of the vineyard receives a modern management with mid-height trellises and drip irrigation system. There are 8 has.of Malbec, 3 has.of Cabernet Sauvignon, 2 has. of Semillon, 2 has of Cabernet Franc, and 2 has of Petit Verdot.