Finca Remota is created with grapes from a small parcel in the Altamira. This is a very particular microclimate, located at more then 1,100 meters of altitude. The relatively template days and very cool nights create a very long ripening period, reason for which the Malbec grown there is harvested nearly 25 days later than in other areas.

The wines created with grapes from La Remota are characterized by being more aromatic and dominated by fresh fruit and flowers, like violets. By strictly controlling the yield in these old vineyeards we obtain very good concentration and structure. The vinification of this wine, as with other Mendel's, was classic: that is to say in small 50 HL tanks with manual "piegage" and a 25 day maceration period. During a regular barrel tasting, in June of 2007, we were surprised by the intensity and complexity of the fruited and floral aromas, as well as the great quality and elegance of the tannins coming from the La Remota barrels after 16 months in new French oak. Half of this wine was placed in again in new French oak barrels, while the other half was returned to its original barrels for six more months. That is to say, half the wine had 200% new oak and the other half had 100%.

No doubt one of the most important characteristics of Mendel La Remota is the intensity and complexity of the fruit without domination from the wood, despite having spent so much time in new barrels. Only one explanation is possible: the unmatchable quality of the terroir and the old vineyards that give origin to this singular wine.